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VeVe Milk Regular

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VeVe Milk Regular

VeVe Milk & Yogurt

VeVe is a trademark of Green Circle Co., Ltd Click for offer

Nutrition Fact: Energy, Protein, Fat, Carbohydrate
Ingredients : Full cream Milk, Sucrose, Vitamin (A,C,D), Calcium

Package Type : carton

24 bottles inside a carton

Package Price : 5000 MMK

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VeVe Milk Drink is brought to you by the same people that have been responsible for you daily drinks. This unique regular milk will have you screaming for its amazing taste! ! Enjoy this quality products and spread the words to share this sweetness to your neighbors and friends. We thank you in advance for always recycling to help our nation clean. Find your satisfaction in your VeVe Milk Drink.