About Us

“We work hard to bring best quality to our consumers”

Established in 1997, Green Circle Company has been one of the major canned drink supplier in Myanmar. Green Circle operates over 24,000 square feet of facilities in Yangon and Mandalay and delivered the products to consumers locally and globally. We continue to expand due to its demand in market and ensure the best in the market.

With over 20 years of experience in the market, VeVe now has a wide range of beverages including purified drinking water available for everyone to enjoy. Products of Green Circle are distributed to over 10,000 stores across Myanmar. Here at Green Circle, we maintain a fleet of delivery vehicles to distribute products all across Myanmar.

We are dedicated to ensure freshness and quality to be delivered to each consumer through every one of our products. To meet the demand of our consumers, we continue to always maintain and secure our delivery system. Green circle company operate the entire production process from raw ingredients to distribution of products under the integrated management system. With more than 2,000 employee, improving the public health and diet of people in Myanmar.

Green circle company has a production capacity of over 500mil cans of drinks per year. We always strive to continue improving our facilities every year to sustain a healthy growth. Our mission is to provide the best products to our consumers and it always remains top priority of our company. Green Circle gained more trust and a trusted brand and step closer and close to people.

“A brief history of our products”